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Is Breast Reduction Surgery Right for Me?

Of all of the plastic surgery procedures we perform, breast reduction surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates we’ve seen. We could tell you this based on conversations we’ve had with our patients, but the evidence is everywhere. On RealSelf, the online community that serves as a resource for those considering cosmetic procedures and those who’ve had them, breast reduction has a 98% “worth it” rating. It even earned a spot on the site’s top-rated surgeries for 2020.

Why does this procedure have such a high satisfaction rate among patients? For a lot of women, the reasons for having a breast reduction have felt obvious for a long time, and they knew it was the right option for them. Whether it’s frequent back pain, deep shoulder indentations from bra straps, or finding that doubling up on sports bras still wouldn’t enable them to exercise comfortably, there are common concerns our patients are often trying to solve.

How do you know if breast reduction surgery is right for you? Here are some key indicators to think about. If these factors apply to you, it might be a good reason to come in for a free consultation with our surgeons.

If You Can Feel the Effect Your Breasts Have on Your Body

This is likely the most common sign that someone is a good breast reduction candidate. To put it simply, most patients just feel it. Whether it’s pain, discomfort, or changes in posture, the effects of having very large breasts can take a toll on your body.

With excess weight in the breasts, surrounding muscles have to take up extra work to keep the body balanced or to maintain posture. This is what leads to painful and irritating symptoms such as upper back, neck and shoulder pain, and pain in the lower back. It can also lead to hunched posture, even affecting the spine. And if you feel self conscious about the large size of your breasts, you might feel more comfortable adopting a more hunched over position in an effort to downplay them.

It’s also common for overly large breasts to cause rashes. By trapping heat and moisture beneath their volume, skin easily becomes irritated or inflamed, especially during hot and humid summer months. All of this causes a lot of pain and discomfort that some women tire of living with every day.

If Breast Reduction Would Make Daily Life Easier

How many times a day do you encounter a situation that is made more complicated by the size of your breasts? Maybe it begins in the morning. When most of us get dressed, we choose clothes that express our personal style and express who we are to the world. But women with large breasts are often limited in their clothing options.

Lots of standard-sized clothes don’t fit properly. We won’t even get into the struggle of how time-consuming and expensive it is just to find a bra that fits in the first place. Fashion-wise, if they want to downplay their breasts by covering up, they usually end up choosing a style that doesn’t reflect their taste or personality. Sometimes when they just want to wear something fun, they spend the day trying to ignore judgemental stares from strangers for being perceived as putting their breasts on display (why anyone should feel entitled to make this their business, we’re not quite sure).

Exercising can pose another challenge. If running, dancing, jumping rope, or other aerobic activities feel totally off the table because of overly large breasts, and you really wish you could do those things without thinking twice about it, breast reduction surgery might be right for you.

Another source of frustration for our breast reduction patients is just wanting to walk down the street like everyone else without fighting to ignore unwanted attention. Lots of these patients talk about difficulties of having their identity be defined by the size of their breasts. It affects their confidence and self esteem. It always seems to invite commentary and attention from total strangers, and they’ve had just about enough.

If There Are Other Changes You Want Your Breast Reduction Surgeon to Make

Overall, you might feel like your top goal is to alleviate the issues mentioned above. By removing excess tissue and skin from your breasts, your surgeon will effectively take the unwanted weight off your chest.

Breast reduction surgery can also be right with you if there are other aesthetic changes you want to make to your breasts. Highly skilled and experienced breast reduction surgeons know how to create a more lifted and perkier appearance to the breast by including breast lift techniques in the operation, if that’s an outcome you’re interested in.

Similarly, some patients tell us they’re unhappy with the size of their areolas or positions of their nipples, both of which can be addressed during surgery. Your plastic surgeon can create a new size and position that not only appears perkier than before, but that creates a more proportional look to match the new proportions of your smaller breast size. Altogether, it creates a totally harmonious look that complements the shape of your body.

Check Out Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

While before and after photos are never a guarantee of your own personal surgical outcome, they can be excellent learning tools. If you’re wondering if this surgery is right for you, take a look through our breast reduction before and after photo gallery. You can see some of the results we’ve achieved at our clinic, get an idea of the kinds of changes we’re able to make and see why we’re known for our natural-looking outcomes. When you come in for a free consultation, your breast reduction surgeon will show you an even bigger collection of before and after photos.

If you’re feeling like all of this is adding up to suggest that breast reduction surgery is right for you, we’d love to meet you and hear your story. You can book your free consult now using the button in the top menu, or contact us by phone or email if that’s a better option for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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