Breast Augmentation Follow Up Appointments from Your POV
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Breast Augmentation Follow Up Appointments from Your POV

What is it really like undergoing a breast augmentation procedure? We’re taking you behind the scenes again to show you what the firsthand post-operative experience is like. After your surgery, you’ll be coming back to see us a number of times so that we can give you continued guidance and make sure everything is healing beautifully.

Keep in mind that this is a reenactment of how things run at our clinic. The day you come in for your post-op appointment may go a bit differently depending on a number of things, including your unique circumstances, a protocol update, who your surgeon is, and the staff working that day. It is also not reflective of the process at other surgical clinics.

And if you’re wondering what the journey is like on the day of surgery, don’t miss our first series on what breast augmentation is really like.


POV: 1 Week Post-Op Breast Augmentation

You’re at the one week mark after your breast augmentation and it’s time for another meeting with our post-op nurse, Lori.

In your 1 week appointment, Nurse Lori checks to make sure your body is healing correctly, and explains what’s normal, what’s not, and what to look out for. She will answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have ❤️

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POV: Your 2 Week Post-Op Appointment

This time, it’s two weeks after your breast augmentation, and you’re meeting your number one cheerleader again, the legendary Nurse Lori.

During your 2 week appointment, she will remove the prineo dressing and instruct you how to wash with soap and water . She will teach you how to massage your breasts and will review silicone strips—but you won’t start them until one month.

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POV: One Month After Your Breast Augmentation

Now it’s one month after your breast augmentation and you’re meeting with your surgeon, Dr. Frank Lista.

During your 1 month appointment, Dr. Lista will have a look at your breasts to make sure you have been healing correctly and to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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