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What Breast Augmentation is Really Like from a Patient’s POV

If you haven’t experienced it before—or even if you have, to be honest—the process of going through a surgical procedure like breast augmentation can feel a little daunting and nerve-racking as the big day approaches. This is totally normal and to be expected. Having surgery is a big deal and it wasn’t a decision you took lightly.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way, and we’re also here to help put you at ease. We know that it’s hard to predict how you’ll be feeling when you don’t totally have a sense of what your day of surgery day is like. That’s why we put together this video guide from your point-of-view so you can see what it’s really like on the day of a breast augmentation procedure, to hopefully take the edge off of some of that anxiety or nervousness.

Keep in mind that these are reenactments of how things run at our clinic. The day you come in for surgery may go a bit differently depending on any number of things, including your unique circumstances or protocol updates. It is also not reflective of the process at other surgical centres. We hope it helps put your mind at ease.

Patient POV Part 1

It’s your BIG day! Most of our patients spend LOTS of time researching the ins and outs of surgery, attending consultations (not just with our practice, but with other practices in the city as well), and chatting with loved ones about whether cosmetic surgery is the right choice for them. It can feel almost surreal when the day of surgery finally arrives and you walk through our doors. Volume 🆙 to see what it’s like!

@theplasticsurgeryclinic ♬ original sound – The Plastic Surgery Clinic


Patient POV Part 2

Now you’re in the OR about to be put to sleep before surgery. This is the part of the surgical day that many patients are most nervous about 🩺 We hope seeing our team walk through the process provides you with a sense of calm. You are in great hands!

@theplasticsurgeryclinic♬ original sound – The Plastic Surgery Clinic


Patient POV Part 3

Here’s a sense of what it’s like when you’re waking up in the OR, and what the process in the recovery room is like. A common concern with any surgery is whether it will hurt. Specifically for breast augmentation, here’s the rundown. Some patients are surprised that they have little to no pain following their breast augmentation, or that they feel really really good. But if you do feel discomfort, fret not. Everyone is different. Let us know and we’ll get you sorted out.

Our subfascial breast implant placement is one of the huge contributing factors to less or no pain after surgery. We are huge fans of this surgical approach thanks to the really natural look and feel that it creates, and we also love that it provides a more comfortable recovery for our patients.

@theplasticsurgeryclinic ♬ original sound – The Plastic Surgery Clinic


Patient POV Part 4

You’re ready to leave the OR, meet back up with your caregiver, and head home. This is what the process looks like from your point of view.

Some patients find they don’t remember those first few hours after waking up from surgery. This is totally normal and due to the effects of the anesthesia, which will slowly wear off in the 12-24 hours after surgery (and it’s the main reason why you need a caregiver for the first 24 hours!)

If you’ve had surgery with us and have little to no memory of leaving the clinic and driving home, you’re not alone 😉

@theplasticsurgeryclinic ♬ original sound – The Plastic Surgery Clinic

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