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The 2020 Beauty Bank Event

2020 has been a year. When we counted down to midnight on December 31st, 2019, we had no idea what was in store – and when March rolled around and we found ourselves making the tough decision to close our doors for the foreseeable future along with the rest of our industry, it was hard to predict when things might return to normal.

In the time since, we’ve collectively experienced some devastating lows (loss, isolation, a complete shift in our “normal,” social injustices on a massive scale), but also some inspiring highs (communities and social movement uprisings fighting back against these injustices, inventive ways to be together and celebrate life’s milestones, discovering new passions and skills).

The only constant that’s remained is change, but we continue to adapt and shift as a community to make the most of what we’re facing, and that’s something worth celebrating. Which leads us to this exciting news: the Fall Beauty Bank event is back. We weren’t going to let 2020 take this one away from us, so like everything else we’ve adapted to our new reality to make it happen and are excited to share all of the details on what to expect for this much-loved event (if you guessed some changes would be in place, you’d be right).

Here’s the breakdown: from September 11th to September 30th, book an appointment and fill up your beauty bank with these incredible offers:

  • 20% off ALL our non-surgical treatments including Botox, filler, Miracle 10 Facial Peel and skin rejuvenation packages.
  • 20% off Miracle 10 Skincare (including gift cards – bank those savings for skincare purchases to come!)
  • 20% off CoolSculpting + 10 FREE units of Botox with the purchase of any CoolSculpting package.

It’s our biggest event of the year and you are not going to want to miss this. Did you just recently come in for a treatment? Purchase your next round now and save them in your beauty bank for when you’re ready. An injectable regular? Bank future treatments now at 20% off. A Miracle 10 Skincare obsessive? Load up a gift card at 20% off and buy your skincare for months to come.

So, what’s changed from past years? Even though we love seeing you in the clinic, we are discouraging walk-in traffic and our phones are ringing off the hook. Everyone’s health and safety comes first, so please fill out the below form to secure your spot for an appointment, consultation or callback to purchase over the phone and we can make sure you get all the deals you’re after.

To book an appointment during the event period, book a consultation or purchase your treatments over the phone, fill out this form. Please note, all first-time patients will require an in-person consultation prior to purchase.

We can’t wait to take care of you!

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