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The “Richface” Rise: Millennials and Skin Rejuvenation

In today’s selfie generation, millennials have become infatuated with looking their best at all times. In fact, millennials are literally keeping up with the Kardashians, trying hard to get that perfect Kylie pout or that flawless Kim K face. As a result, skin rejuvenation treatments such as peels, lasers and injectables are becoming vastly popular among this generation, and for good reason. This proactive approach to anti-aging not only provides preventative results, but it’s an integral component of their overall health maintenance. According to a recent article from Women’s Wear Daily for example, scheduling a facial treatment can be just as important – or even more than – a dental appointment.



This high demand for these skin rejuvenation procedures comes as no surprise. The treatments are non-invasive, effective and provide treatment for preventative aging with little to no downtime. Some of the most popular we are seeing among millennials at our clinic are listed below.

Injections for Preventative Aging

The Kardashian effect has raised interest among the millennial generation, as more and more are beginning to understand that injection treatments for wrinkles aren’t just for aging skin. In fact, injections have revolutionized anti-aging, not only because they do not involve invasive incisions, but because they can be used to prevent the signs of aging before they appear. The rapidly growing awareness among injections used for preventative aging has made it a preferred treatment of choice for many millennials. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in non-surgical skincare patients that are between the ages of 25-40.

Dermal Fillers for Very Plump Lips

Kylie Jenner, most commonly known for her perfectly plump lips, is a great example of why more patients are wanting to follow suit. While this procedure has always been a favourite among women, we have seen a dramatic increase in lip augmentation patients within the last year.

Not only has this growing trend increased awareness among non-surgical procedures like dermal fillers, but the industry has also responded, providing more options and advanced techniques for lip fillers. For example, lip enhancement is not a one size fits all treatment. Many women express interest in new lip treatments that deliver a full result, but different women have different needs. And, along with these different needs come different lip shapes that may require a certain lip enhancement technique.

Peel Treatments to Restore Skin Clarity

The growth in social media and video exposure to the latest beauty treatment has given millennials a better understanding of skincare health. Think about it: Kim Kardashian has filmed many of her facial procedures via SnapChat, so that her fans can see exactly how she gets radiantly soft, glowing skin. In response, common routine treatments that many of our patients are undergoing are facial peels to restore the skin’s natural radiance.

Our peel treatments will help promote cellular turnover through exfoliation with our combination of a unique dermaplaning approach and a lactic, glycolic, or salicylic acid peel, a fruit enzyme scrub, and a soothing clay mask. These peels are nourishing for the skin and will draw out impurities, leaving you with glowing, more even-looking skin.

Laser Treatments for Evening Skin Tone

Another way millennials are keeping their skin flawlessly fresh is by – in combination with routine peels – getting laser treatments, a noted favourite anti-aging option for 35-year-old Kim Kardashian. This is especially effective for those millennials who spent their teenage years in the sun. Laser treatments for the skin can comfortably and safely target sun damage, hyperpigmentation and other imperfections to give you a more even, clear complexion.

Although most millennials are now more conscious about preventing premature aging by protecting themselves from overexposure to the sun, lasers have been a treatment of choice for those who desire a more youthful, even-looking appearance.

While the above skin rejuvenation treatments are the desired choice for many millennials, it is important to keep in mind that they must be maintained regularly in combination with a customized skincare regime of high quality, active skincare products.

Learn more about the skin rejuvenation treatments and packages offered at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, and we why are recognized as an innovative leader in transformative non-surgical skincare.

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