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The Increasing Popularity of the Buttock Augmentation Procedure

butt augmentationWhen the American Society for Plastic Surgeons released their latest statistics for cosmetic surgery procedure trends in 2013, it was clear that there weren’t too many surprises. Breast augmentation and liposuction remain the most popular surgical procedures for the body while rhinoplasty continues to lead the field of facial surgeries. Another unsurprising result? The procedure with the highest percentage change between 2012 and 2013 is the buttock augmentation procedure. The number of buttock augmentation procedures performed last year rose by over 16%, an increase that would seem to me to be consistent with the number of patients who come in for free consultations at The Plastic Surgery Clinic because they want to know more about it.

So what makes the buttock augmentation procedure so popular? It’s probably important to note that there are 2 methods for reshaping the butt. One option is the insertion of soft silicone implants to improve the shape of the behind, which can work well for different kinds of body types and is particularly good for patients who don’t have very much excess body fat. Perhaps because it’s a more surgically invasive procedure, it’s not seeing the same increase in numbers as its counterpart, the Brazilian Butt Lift. Known as BBL for short, this method uses a fat grafting technique to reshape the curves of the lower body, and this is probably why it continues to be more and more popular.

The first part of fat grafting requires liposuction on areas of unwanted fat from around the body. Stubborn pockets of fat are removed from popular areas like the tummy, thighs, and hips, which has the added bonus of contouring areas around the buttocks to really emphasize the hourglass shape we are creating. Once this tissue has been collected for remodeling, it is carefully and meticulously prepared for reuse. We are incredibly thorough in this part of the process because it’s integral to a successful result. Then we’re able to re-inject the fat into precise areas of the behind to achieve a buttock augmentation that meets the specific goals of the patient. This allows me as a surgeon a really high level of control in achieving the desired shape. Unlike with an implant that leaves a bit less room for customization, with the BBL technique I can carefully inject fat into various different locations around the buttocks to create a natural looking result that is perfectly suited to the proportion of each individual’s body.

Patients love the BBL method because it leaves little to no scarring, no large incisions are needed, and the material used is completely natural. Since it’s less invasive, recovery time is shorter and the risk of complications is lower. Our buttock augmentation patients get to enjoy the benefit of removing fat from an undesirable area while simultaneously augmenting the shape of an area they’d like to emphasize. One happy patient put it this way when explaining why she loved it so much: “it’s all me, but rearranged into the right places!”

We are all about delivering natural results that create that born-with-it look. In that respect, it doesn’t get much better than hearing a patient say “it’s all me” after everything’s said and done.


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