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Rhinoplasty Toronto: 3 Questions to Ask Before Nose Surgery

nose jobRhinoplasty, popularly known as a “nose job” to most people, is one of the most commonly performed surgeries in our field. And it makes sense: so many of my Toronto Rhinoplasty patients want to put their best face forward, but they feel unsatisfied by the appearance of their nose. For patients everywhere considering nose surgery to correct this issue, there are three very important questions to ask your surgeon that can help you feel more confident and comfortable with your decision.

1.) Am I a good candidate for nose surgery? Rhinoplasty is a great way to correct a nasal birth defect, repair a later injury to the nose, relieve breathing problems, or to simply bring the nose into balance with the rest of the facial appearance. There are so many small and different characteristics to the nose that it often only takes a very slight adjustment to create the desired solution and give a very natural looking result. Every nose surgery we perform is individually suited to each particular patient. So keeping all these factors in mind, who is the best candidate for rhinoplasty? Someone who is physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in their expectations and goals is a good fit. An ideal candidate is someone who is a non-smoker without an underlying health condition that might make surgery more risky than normal.

2.) How experienced and qualified is my surgeon? Experience, expertise, and certification are really important characteristics of doctors who perform nose surgery. Your plastic surgeon should be board certified to ensure they meet professional standards and they should have a lot of experience carrying out several rhinoplasty procedures every year. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, we perform 75 to 100 nose surgeries annually, making Dr. Ahmad and myself some of the most experienced surgeons in Canada. Yes, we are absolutely board certified! And if you want to talk about definitive rhinoplasty expertise, Dr. Ahmad is a world-renowned authority who is frequently invited to speak at conferences and is always publishing new articles in peer-reviewed journals. He even recently published a comprehensive authoritative book on the topic of nose surgery.

3.) When will I look different? As I mentioned, having realistic expectations is always important. We use digital imaging software to give you an idea of what your nose might look like after surgery, and while this is a very helpful tool, it’s not a guarantee. After surgery, swelling and bruising are fairly common side effects that can be treated with cold compresses and by sleeping wit your head elevated. Major swelling and bruising should disappear within about two weeks, leaving some subtle swelling that will only be noticeable to you and your plastic surgeon. This subtle swelling, particularly in the tip of the nose, will remain for several months and the true and final result of your nose surgery will have settled in around the one year mark.

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, you probably have many more questions than the three listed above. We’re more than happy to answer them – that’s why our consultations are always free.


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