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Your Rhinoplasty Questions Answered

close up photo of a woman's nose

Rhinoplasty—the medical term for a nose job—is a really popular surgery for men and women alike. That’s probably because it’s a great option to address a wide range of concerns, from the way the nose looks, to the way that its structure interferes with your breathing, to any possible combination of both.

If you’re seeking out an in-depth look at this operation and what it entails, check out our rhinoplasty procedure page that offers some comprehensive details about the surgery and recovery. Every so often, however, we hear more particular questions from our prospective patients that we haven’t covered before. So today we’re sharing some of those questions and responses in the hopes of helping those who are curious with their continued research.

Can rhinoplasty alter a thin septum?

First things first: what is the septum? It’s that centre structure that separates your nostrils, dividing them into two. It’s sometimes considered to be the “hardware” in the middle of the nose, since its bone and cartilage act as a support structure. You may have seen information elsewhere about rhinoplasty to treat a deviated septum, where this structure is out of balance and often creates breathing or other functional difficulties. You can read more about that here.

So then, what if you’re concerned with a thin septum? We heard this question recently from a prospective patient whose septum was slightly deviated but also quite narrow. And while it is possible (and occasionally inevitable, depending on the structural changes your nose requires) to make the nasal septum thicker, you also don’t want to go too extreme with this type of change. If the thickness of the septum is altered too significantly, you don’t leave enough spacing for the nostrils to allow for easy air flow. And we definitely don’t want to impede your breathing.

Most of all, we want to create a surgical plan that will achieve your aesthetic goals while preserving, or hopefully improving, the way you breathe.

How much can rhinoplasty improve my side profile?

This question was twofold, where the prospective patient was unhappy with a dorsal hump (or obvious bump on the bridge of her nose), which was more pronounced in relation to a smaller chin and some unwanted submental fat (or “double chin”). These concerns were less noticeable to her when viewed straight on, but she was more dissatisfied with their appearance from the side, in profile view.

Do you have similar concerns about the balance between your nose and your chin? It’s actually a fairly common question that we hear.

In this case, as with many, rhinoplasty is a great way to balance out the proportions of the nose in profile. There are different techniques our surgeons can use to minimize the dorsal hump and to keep the nose looking natural, and still like your own nose. For the chin area, we might recommend something like dermal fillers to augment the chin to make it a little more prominent.  That way you lose the volume of the unwanted bump on the nose and create a more pronounced chin, and that small change can really bring everything into proportion.

For the unwanted fat below the chin and jaw, we can offer a few different treatment options. Non-surgical procedures like CoolSculpting and Belkyra may be all you need, or if you’d like a more dramatic reduction in fat, you might be a better candidate for liposuction.

Can rhinoplasty give me Megan Fox’s nose?

In a word, no—she probably wants to keep hers! But all jokes aside, while we agree Megan has a super cute nose, we want to create the best and most natural look for you while addressing your concerns. If we were to simply copy and paste the exact appearance of her nose onto the centre of your face, it might create a totally different look as a result of the balance and proportions of your other facial features.

So instead, we would ask you: what are the things you like best about her nose? What aspects about the size or shape do you think look great? Are they things you notice more in photos of her where she’s facing the camera head-on, or are they things you notice more from a profile perspective? We can start from there and talk more about your nasal anatomy and how we can best achieve your goals while keeping it natural.

Will rhinoplasty affect where my glasses sit on my nose?

An interesting question! Theoretically, if your rhinoplasty involves changes to the bridge of your nose, it might affect how your glasses fit. And there are lots of options for making subtle changes to the dorsum, from augmenting it with cartilage if you have a depressed bridge, to reshaping or minimizing it, or eliminating a bump. But it’s also possible that your operation won’t have any effect on this area of the nose.

But luckily opticians are really skilled at what they do. If you do wear glasses, you can go in to have them adjusted to better fit the shape of your nose post-operation. Or if you’re in more of a celebratory mood, it could also be a fun time to choose a new pair to go with your new look. The bonus is that if you prefer to keep your rhinoplasty to yourself, when people say they notice something different about you but can’t pinpoint it, you can just say “must be my new glasses” 😉

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