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Reduction, Lift, or Both? How We Determine What’s Best for You

When trying to determine what kind of surgical procedure is best for you, whether it be a particular breast procedure or other type of surgery, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction, there are a variety of factors to consider, but the top two would probably be: your anatomy and your aesthetic goals and desires.

If you’re someone who’s trying to decide between a breast reduction or a breast lift, or maybe even combining both procedures, there are a series of questions that we usually ask during your complimentary consultation, and that ultimately you can ask yourself even before you decide to come see us that will help in determining which procedure is ultimately best for you.

Breast Reduction or Breast Lift: Which Breast Procedure is the Right One for Me?

There are a variety of reasons that might cause the shape of your breasts to change over time. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are often a major cause of breast transformation, but significant weight loss, the natural process of aging and quite simply gravity, can all significantly affect the way your breasts look and feel, and ultimately the way you might feel about yourself and your body.

Questions to consider for a breast reduction procedure

If you’re thinking about getting a breast reduction procedure, typically what you may want to ask yourself first is whether it’s the size of your breasts that are your primary concern. Are you unhappy or uncomfortable with the volume and weight of your breasts?

Women who seek out a breast reduction often find that their breasts limit the types of activities and exercise that they are able to do, and often find that their breasts cause them significant discomfort.

For instance, they find that their breasts are disproportionately large in comparison with the rest of their body, that their breasts feel heavy, and that they have a hard time maintaining correct posture. The weight of their breasts may even cause them to have neck or back pain, or produce rashes or infections in the creases of their breasts.

Finally, not only do overly large and voluminous breasts limit the types of activities and exercise you can do, but they can also limit the types of clothing that you can wear.

A breast reduction procedure involves removing breast tissue to make the breast smaller and ultimately feel lighter, and often involves also removing excess skin and fat, in order to give the breast a desirable final shape. In other words, if the size, volume, and weight of your breasts are you primary concern, then a breast reduction procedure is probably what you’re looking for.

Questions to consider for a breast lift procedure

On the flip side, you may be perfectly happy with the size and volume of your breasts, and not want to change that at all. You might find, however, that maybe due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, or just the loss of skin elasticity over time that your breasts sag or droop, and aren’t quite as perky as they used to be and you’d like to improve their shape by making them firmer and have them sit a little higher. In this case, a breast lift might be the better option for you.

Typically if you find that your nipples are pointing downwards, or that your breasts are sitting below the breast crease, you’re probably a good candidate for the breast lift. The breast lift procedure reshapes and raises breasts that are deflated and droop. This involves raising the position of the nipple and removing excess skin from around the breast.

The goal of the breast lift is to ensure that your breasts sit higher on the chest, making them look more youthful, but also improving on your overall silhouette.

Breast Reduction and Breast Lift: Do I Need Both?

Whether you need a breast reduction combined with a breast lift is again dependent on what it is you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking to reduce the size of your breasts, but also looking to reposition the nipple in order for it to sit higher on the chest, then combining a breast reduction with a breast lift can be a great option.

Sometimes a breast reduction alone can’t get you that extra lift that you may also be looking for, in which case a breast reduction/breast lift combination procedure may be recommended. The advantage to combination procedures is that you can significantly reduce your recovery time than if you had these two procedures performed separately.

The best way to determine what procedure is best for you and what surgery will give you the result that you are looking to achieve is by coming to chat with us! We’re always happy to meet new patients and answer any questions that you may have. So don’t hesitate! Book your complimentary consultation today.

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