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Our Latest Publication: The Definitive Article on Breast Augmentation


When you can’t find Dr. Ahmad or myself in the operating room, chances are we’re working on publishing new articles to present our latest medical research. Our scientific articles are frequently published in peer-reviewed publications and this is something that sets us apart as leading experts, particularly in the field of breast surgery.

We’re really proud to have our work included in the latest issue of the prestigious Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS). Our 13-page article on augmentation mammaplasty is a definitive review paper on breast augmentation surgery. As such, it covers a wide range of crucial topics related to the procedure, including: ways to reduce specific complications, like incidences of capsular contracture; the advantages and disadvantages of various surgical approaches, including incision placement and implant location; the advantages and disadvantages of various implant characteristics, including fill, shell surface, and implant shape; and steps to be taken to avoid other complications, such as double capsule and late seroma.

Because we’ve published this and other comprehensive articles on the subject of breast augmentation, we are sought after by other surgeons for our expertise. We are often asked to speak on the issue at conferences around the world, and as renowned surgeons, we’re pleased to be able to share our extensive knowledge with other doctors.

We’re even more pleased that our patients get to enjoy the direct benefits.


Drs. Lista and Ahmad Publish Definitive Review Article on Breast Augmentation
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