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What’s Normal After Breast Augmentation?

Surgery is not something you get every day. It’s a big deal! And if you’ve decided to have a cosmetic procedure such as a breast augmentation, chances are high this is your very first surgery, which means you might not be entirely certain as to what you should expect following your procedure.

The thing with any kind of procedure is that what happens afterwards might not seem right or what you may have expected, but is actually totally normal and okay. Your body has just undergone a big transformation and is in the process of healing.

So to reduce any anxiety or uncertainty, we put together a list of things that might surprise you but are totally normal after a breast augmentation.

Asymmetrical Swelling

Especially with a breast augmentation, you might expect to wake up following surgery to completely symmetrical breasts, because that is of course the goal of the end result. But each breast is different, and might recover at a different pace, so one breast might be more swollen than the other.

This is totally normal and will resolve itself as you heal. You will see your beautiful symmetrical result in time, you just need to give yourself a healthy moment to get there.

Tightness and or Numbness

Your breasts may feel tight following surgery, and you may find that you’ve lost some sensation in the nipples or in areas around the breasts. Both sensations of tightness and numbness are totally normal and subside within several weeks of your surgery. Keep in mind that for some patients numbness or the loss of sensation can last for up to 18 months.

Experiencing Basically No Pain

Some patients are surprised that they have no pain following their breast augmentation, or that that they feel really really good. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong! This is actually very normal following a breast augmentation, and we often need to remind patients to slow down and take it easy especially the first week following surgery. You really should not be doing anything no matter how good you feel.

That being said, everyone is different and has various pain thresholds, and some patients might feel more discomfort and pain than others. As much as feeling good is totally normal, it is also totally normal to feel pain and discomfort after your surgery.


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Feeling Tired

Getting tired really quickly within the first month following your breast augmentation is very common. Your body underwent surgery and is zapping a lot of your energy for the healing process. So don’t be surprised if one moment you’re feeling super great and then the next you all of a sudden feel desperate for a nap. Totally normal.

Discharge From Your Incisions

Some patients get anxious when they see spotting leaking from their incisions. Again, this is completely normal. You just had surgery. It’s completely normal to leak or ooze blood, watery blood, and even a yellow apple juice-coloured discharge.

Bruising In Between or Below the Breasts

Most patients will experience bruising in and around the breasts. However, some patients are surprised to see bruising between the breasts or below, around the rib cage. This is completely normal and sometimes happens because gravity has caused the bruise to descend.


A lot of patients don’t expect to be constipated following a breast augmentation, but this is common after most surgeries. Because of the strong medications you’re given during and after surgery to manage your pain, these can cause you to become constipated.
You’ll be given medication to help with your bowel movements.

If you’re constipated for more than a day or two, give us a call and we’ll instruct you on what steps to take next. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Not Being Able to “Feel” Your Implants

At the one month mark you’ll start to massage. We’ll train you in this in your post-surgical appointments. It’s normal that your breasts may still feel tight and stiff at this point.

Some patients say they “can’t feel” their implants, but this is also completely normal. As the swelling settles you will be able to eventually feel around to identify the implant. That said, don’t worry if you don’t feel or identify it, as you really need to know what you’re looking for.

Implants feel very very natural, just like real breasts, so they can be difficult to identify, even after your swelling has gone down.

But if you ever feel at all unsure…

It is totally normal to be unsure, worried, or anxious about what’s happening to your body after surgery. If you have any concerns about anything happening following your breast augmentation, don’t hesitate to call us and check in. We’re here to see you through your journey and to ensure your safe and full recovery.

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