Is There a Non-Surgical Buccal Fat Removal Option?
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Is There a Non-Surgical Buccal Fat Removal Option?

We often get a lot of interest and questions about face slimming options, particularly to give the face more definition by accentuating the cheekbones and jawline, which in turn also gives the face a tighter more lifted look.

Buccal fat removal, where the fat pad that each and every one of us has under the cheek hollow is surgically removed, is really the only permanent face slimming option. We often get asked if there’s a non-surgical buccal fat removal option. And the answer is not in a true sense, because we can’t remove that fat pad without surgery.


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However, there are plenty of non-surgical treatments (especially when performed in combination) that can offer a great face slimming and defining result.

For many individuals these non-surgical treatments will actually ultimately be a better option than buccal fat removal. Not everyone is a candidate for buccal fat removal. If you already have a relatively slim face, buccal fat removal would actually age you prematurely.

We find that for the majority of patients in our practice, we actually want to preserve that fat pad as the face tends to naturally loose fat, elasticity, as well as muscle strength with the aging process. This fat pad makes the face look youthful as it adds volume. However, if you’re looking for minimal fat removal to add more definition to the face, we have a lot of great alternative options.

FaceTite for More Facial Definition

If you’re looking to tighten and firm up areas of the face where the skin might have become lax or begun to sag, FaceTite is a really great option. FaceTite is a radiofrequency (RF) treatment that penetrates RF heat sub-dermally. It has the capability to shrink tissue, build collagen, and also melt small amounts of fat.

It works particularly well on areas of the face that tend to jowl most, such as around the cheeks, chin and jawline. If tighter skin, more definition, and a slimmer overall appearance is what you’re looking for, then FaceTite can offer some fantastic results.

Strategically Placed Facial Filler

Some patients actually benefit from more volume than less, and that’s where dermal fillers come in. It may at first glance seem like you want fat reduction in the face, but sometimes it’s really about balancing things out. So an area that has lost volume can make another area seem like it has too much.

An experienced injector can also place filler really strategically to accentuate the cheeks and sharpen the jaw. Depending on your facial anatomy, using filler to create bone structure can give you that slimming and definition that you’re looking for.

Thread Lift for a Face-Slimming Effect

A thread lift can also create the illusion of a slimming down of the face, especially around the cheekbones and jawline. A thread lift involves threads (InstaLift) being inserted just below the surface of the skin in target areas of the face.

These threads are manipulated in such a way to add definition, especially in areas of the face that tend to sag and jowl. In lifting the skin in strategic areas slimming and definition is produced. Thread lifts are also super versatile in that they’re great collagen boosters and depending on what threads you use can also work to add volume and smooth out textural irregularities.

The Forma Facial for a Zero-Downtime Option

Some people are under the misconception that if their skin sags they need buccal fat removal. This is actually not the case. Your skin naturally begins to sag as you lose collagen, volume, and your muscles weaken over time, not because you have too much fat in the face. Buccal fat removal won’t help in this department. In fact, in the wrong candidate it can actually produce sagging or gaunt effect.

What many people actually need is really skin tightening. The Forma Facial is an excellent skin tightening and remodelling treatment that uses RF technology to really improve the skin’s elasticity and on its overall integrity. You’ll see both a huge difference in the tightness of your skin as well as in its overall quality after a Forma facial treatment series.

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