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Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions with CoolSculpting

New Year calendar with fresh start

Happy New Year! 

On my first post of 2018 I’m discussing our New Year’s resolutions – it looks like most of us made them in hopes of making the most of ourselves and looking after those we love.  In deciding to do a little research, we discovered that 69% of Canadians made a resolution for 2018 and most of these goals are looking to achieve one thing: to feel better about ourselves.  At The Plastic Surgery Clinic we can’t think of a better goal, and we love the idea of helping our patients achieve that kind of success.

Everyone that comes to us has a personal story, motivation, expectations and ideals.  Often, they even come with pictures of their ultimate goals.  We carefully listen to our patients so we can determine the best procedures to ensure the most positive outcome. We have a variety of resources at our disposal to make that happen.  Over the next several weeks we will look into different aspects of what we can achieve at The Plastic Surgery Clinic through non-invasive techniques, procedures and surgeries.

On week one, let’s start with the basics.

Step one – CoolSculpting

We know the holiday season is a pitfall of salty, sugary, fatty snacks, baked goods and holiday party delights.  Top it with drinking a little more than usual, and the odd pound or two can creep up on us.  CoolSculpting to the rescue!

CoolSculpting allows you to freeze away stubborn pockets of fat that can be extremely difficult to exercise and diet away.  By specifically placing the specially designed applicator pads directly to the skin, we are able to carefully target and freeze unwanted fat cells, causing them to safely crystallize and die.  Over time, the body naturally processes and removes the dead cells, leading to a more sculpted, slimmer physique. There is no downtime, no needles and no surgery.  The benefits of treatment start to become visible as early as 3 weeks post treatment, with the most dramatic CoolSculpting results becoming apparent after about two months. 

A common question about CoolSculpting relates to the skin, or epidermis, during the process.  If the fat is frozen, what happens to the skin?  The key to CoolSculpting is that fat freezes at a higher temperature than water.  Since skin cells contain a higher percentage of water than fat, it doesn’t freeze.  The underlying fat freezes, but the skin is just cold, ensuring that no other tissues are damaged – just the fat cells. 

The most common areas effectively treated by Cool Sculpting are the those affectionately known as love handles, muffin tops, spare tires, tummy,  thighs, arms, back fat or bra bulge.  Most patients experience a cold sensation during treatment, but are so comfortable they take the time to answer email, read a book or even take a nap!  As the treatment is entirely non-surgical most patients find they are able to easily return to work immediately after treatment.

Cool Sculpting – your best defence against holiday treats!

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