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Is the “O-Shot”® Real? And Is It Worth It?

The short answer? Yes, the “O-Shot”® is real. And we’re going to tell you all about it. But first, we just want to say that what makes such treatments real are real vaginal issues.

It’s a topic that’s not talked about quite enough, or has the tendency to be laughed about or criticized more than seriously discussed. But talking about vaginal treatments really brings vaginal issues to the fore and highlights how many women struggle with these exact concerns. How much their quality of life and even their relationships can be affected by them is really no joke.

If you’re someone who has struggled with or is struggling with vaginal issues then you know what we’re talking about. But we’re pretty sure many people are still in the dark about conditions such as experiencing pain during intercourse, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, the inability to orgasm, a loss of sensation, and a weakening vaginal wall.

Although not discussed enough, these concerns are pretty common, especially for women who have given birth and/or are going through menopause. What we’re trying to do at The Plastic Surgery Clinic is to find real and effective non-surgical solutions to treat some of these vaginal concerns. The good news is that the treatments we provide, though they may not resolve every single issue, have helped many of our patients.

What is the “O-Shot”®?

You may have heard of PRP/PRF (platelet-rich plasma or platelet-rich fibrin) treatments. This treatment often involves microneedling techniques that use the plasma and/or fibrin extracted from your own blood to boost collagen production and to encourage new and healthy skin cell turnover. It’s a regenerative treatment in order to rejuvenate the skin.

So what does this have to do with a non-surgical vaginal procedure? And no you are not getting microneedling done on the vagina, ouch!

Much like in a PRP/PRF facial, with this treatment plasma and/or fibrin are typically injected into the clitoris and/or labia in order to improve on sexual sensation and to improve on the ability to orgasm.

Other parts of the vagina can also be treated with PRP/PRF treatments. By injecting plasma/fibrin into target areas such as into the urethra or vaginal walls, we can address concerns like urinary incontinence or a weakening vaginal wall. That being said, when we’re talking about PRP/PRF injections to the clitoris, we’re really targeting the areas that are associated with sexual function and sensation.

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What is the Procedure Like?

The treatment, though it may sound daunting, is pretty straightforward. It takes about an hour, and most of the hour is actually taken up by extracting plasma or fibrin from your blood. The injecting part really only lasts a couple of minutes.

After your doctor takes your medical history and discusses your concerns with you, they’ll apply a local anesthetic to the target area, and then proceed to take one or two vials of your blood (just like during a blood test). The blood is then spun in a centrifuge, and when ready, plasma/fibrin is extracted from it.

The plasma/fibrin is then injected into the clitoris, labia and G-spot in order boost sexual sensation, address vaginal dryness, and relieve any pain that might be experienced with intercourse.

If you’re worried about pain, don’t be. The local anesthetic ensures that any discomfort is minimal, and while some women have said that the clitoral injection is a bit sensitive, you’ll mostly just feel light pressure with the injections. And again, that part of the treatment lasts no more than 10 minutes.

Is There Any Downtime?

The beauty of this procedure is that there is absolutely no downtime. You’ll probably feel a little numb from the anesthetic for a few hours after treatment, and you may experience a little spotting, but once the anesthetic wears off you should feel totally normal.

You’ll need to avoid sexual intercourse for 5 days following your treatment, but after that you’ll be good to go.

Because PRP/PRF treatments work to stimulate collagen production and to regenerate tissue, you’ll need to give your body about 6-8 weeks to build up on all the good stuff before you start noticing an improvement, and optimal results are usually experienced following your second treatment.

How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on what your concerns are, PRP/PRF vaginal treatments cost $1200 per treatment and this includes the injection to the clitoris in addition to targeting other areas of the vagina. The PRP/PRF injection to the clitoris alone costs $1000 per treatment, and we’ll typically recommend one or two treatments (spaced about two months apart) to start, and then yearly maintenance treatments.

If you’re interested in this treatment you can book your appointment via our non-surgical practice, MD Beauty Clinic. Or give us a call anytime at 1.833.460.2940

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