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How Much Does Cosmetic Surgery Cost?

When it comes to considering cosmetic enhancement procedures, it’s important to balance your expectations and aesthetic goals with your budget. Yet, at the same time, depending on what you want to see, sometimes spending more on a more invasive procedure is the better option. For most cosmetic concerns and needs, there is a high and low option to choose from.

It can take some serious consideration to balance your aesthetic goals with your budget. But it’s also important to know when you have options—especially if you’re not suitable for or interested in more invasive procedures that require more healing time, or if you’re not yet ready to make a more substantial investment. For most cosmetic concerns and needs, there is a high and low option to choose from.

For example, if you’re interested in reshaping your nose, a traditional rhinoplasty surgery isn’t your only option. In some particular cases, using an injectable hyaluronic acid filler can create what’s known as a non-surgical nose job for only a fraction of the cost. “Some people don’t like the bump on their nose,” Dr. Lista explains, “so instead of lowering the bump, we fill in the depression to straighten out the nose, which is much less invasive since it only takes half an hour and then you can go home.”

Similarly, if you want to treat a concern such as sagging skin, a traditional surgical lift (which can range from something like a facelift, to other areas of the body including arm lifts and thigh lifts) isn’t the only option. Although it won’t achieve the same high level of transformational effects, non-surgical options are available to help tighten skin everywhere on the body. “To treat sagging skin, we use radio-frequency treatments, which heat up the protein collagen so it shrinks,” explains Dr. Lista. Minimal downtime is required and it tightens loose areas, such as the neck, bellybutton and face.

To find out more, including various options for breast augmentation and removing excess fat, see Dr. Lista’s responses in the tables below.

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