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Dr. Lista Featured in the Online Issue of Fashion Magazine

Non-surgical skincare treatments have become an increasingly popular method of facial reconstruction with a growing number of plastic surgeons recommending it to their patients. Truth be told, patients are seeking alternatives to going under the knife that aim to contour the jawline, resulting in a younger looking (and slimmer looking) face. Nowadays, injections are not only seen as treatments for anti-aging, but also as non-surgical options for contouring the jawline.

Invasive Treatments

Surgical facial reconstruction follows a traditional invasive method, and while the results of these procedures can be quite impressive and appear almost instantly, this traditional approach usually involves extended downtime and various potential risks and complications. Though most patients are well suited to undergo surgery, some may not be of fit, or would rather not have to deal with post-surgical downtime.

Injection Treatments: The Non-Surgical Face Lift

Injection treatments have revolutionized anti-aging and facial reconstruction because they do not involve invasive incisions to reframe or reshape the skin on the face. Non-surgical injection treatments instead achieve the goal of facial reshaping without making a single incision to the face or neck.

The rapidly growing awareness among patients and injections has made it a preferred treatment of choice for many. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, we have seen a drastic increase in non-surgical skincare patients, primarily for injection treatments for anti-aging and of course, facial reconstruction. In fact, Dr. Lista shares his insights on injections for reframing the jawline in the recent online issue of Fashion Magazine.

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Learn more about injections and other non-surgical skincare treatments offered at The Plastic Surgery Clinic.

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