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What to Expect from Your CoolSculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting is the fat-freezing procedure that uses controlled cooling to eliminate unwanted fat. Results are proven to be noticeable and lasting. If you are interested in having a CoolSculpting treatment, there are a few things you should expect before and after the treatment. Here are some important things to you should know:

How to Prep for CoolSculpting

There isn’t really any way to prepare for this specific treatment. What makes CoolSculpting so popular and beneficial is that it’s fast and easy. Immediately after your treatment you can go back to your life! No official CoolSculpting preparation is required. You can go to a session as is. However, if you want to make sure that you have all of your bases covered, you should consider the following:

• Cover up clothing: CoolSculpting can cause some redness and bruising. If you’re going back to work after the procedure you will probably want to make sure that you’re wearing clothes that can cover these potential side effects.

• Refrain from medications: Some over the counter medications can increase bruising. Pain medications such as Tylenol may be acceptable, but with the recommendation of your doctor. Discuss your options with your CoolSculpting provider as your specific needs and medical history need to be taken into consideration.

CoolSculpting Treatment

What to expect during the treatment

This non-surgical procedure may take one to several hours, depending on your treatment plan. No general anaesthesia or pain medication is required. When the treatment is first initiated with the cooling panels from the applicator, you may experience the feeling of deep pulling, tugging and pinching in the areas treated. You may also experience stinging, tingling or aching. These concerns eventually subside in part thanks to the numbing and cooling effect of the treatment.

What to expect after the treatment

Immediately after the procedure, your treated area may look or feel stiff and temporary whitening of the skin may occur. Bruising, swelling and tenderness can occur in the areas but this typically resolves within a week or two. You may experience a temporary dulling of sensation that can last for several weeks. Depending on your condition, consult your doctor if these conditions persist beyond two weeks or worsen over time.

Following the procedure, you may start to see changes as early as three weeks. You’ll experience the most dramatic results after one to three months. Your body will continue to naturally progress as the treated fat cells disappear.

Discover just how effective a CoolSculpting treatment can be. Take a look at our CoolSculpting before and after photos to see actual results achieved at our clinic.

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