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CoolSculpting Results After One Month

CoolSculpting procedureWe know CoolSculpting is a big hit with celebrities – it’s been one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets for a while now. Sometimes we forget that, in a lot of ways, stars are just like us. Okay, so most of us can’t afford world class personal trainers to whip us into better shape or top tier personal chefs who spend their lives concocting the healthiest, most delicious meal options conceivable. But even so, we can all work hard to change our habits, maintain active lifestyles, and eat healthy, and still find that we have those stubborn pockets of fat in the tummy or the thighs that just don’t go away. It turns out celebrities have been freezing this fat away for the last few years with one of the most effective non-surgical fat loss technologies we’ve ever encountered.

At this point you might be thinking, that’s all well and good, but we all know that celebrities whose careers rely on their appearance are often willing to use any means necessary to get their desired results, no matter how uncomfortable, inconvenient, and even in some cases painful they might be. They have the time, the money, and patience to do whatever they need to. What about for the rest of us? If we’re seeking out a non-surgical treatment option, it’s more than likely because we don’t have time for downtime and we’re so busy we can’t afford to be bogged down by painful recoveries. So what is CoolSculpting really like for the rest of us?

Toronto lifestyle and beauty blogger Sarah Ohm wanted to know, too. As you can read in her first post about the actual CoolSculpting experience (and you really should check it out, she was even generous enough to include a video to show her real time reaction to the procedure) it’s actually totally comfortable and you can relax while your fat is literally frozen away. You can even double up on other treatments like peels or injections while you’re hooked up to the CoolSculpting applicator, like Sarah did, or you can kick back, relax, watch Netflix, and enjoy other treats.

It’s been one month now since Sarah came to us for her first CoolSculpting session, and believe it or not, you can already see a difference. Even though final results will continue to develop for three months after a CoolSculpting treatment, as you can see with Sarah, that gradual change can start to be visible after only four weeks. Sarah’s CoolSculpting update covers the first weeks after her procedure (discomfort was “probably more annoying than painful” and thankfully the pain management tips I gave her worked like a charm). She’ll keep updating us as the final result progresses, but here’s her current before and after:


We love this procedure because results speak for themselves. Not just for celebrities, either! If you want to know more, join us for our upcoming VIP CoolSculpting event where you can win free treatments, receive unbeatable discounts, and enjoy tons of other treats and perks. Hope to see you there!


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