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New You for the New Year: Freeze Your Fat Away

CoolSculpting New Year's ResolutionFor many people, the arrival of the new year means time for reflection and time to set new goals. Last year, 62% of the general population made New Year’s resolutions according to the Journal of Clinical Psychology. When you look at how many people were able to achieve their goals, the results are a little dismal. Only 8% of those who made resolutions managed to keep them. So what are some of the options that are available to help give you a boost and set you up for success?

The resolution that tops the chart every year is always (you guessed it) weight loss. I would divide this group into two categories: those who have seen minor weight gain slowly accumulate over the years and now find themselves at a slight distance from their healthy goal weight, and those who are more significantly overweight and find that they’re endangering their health and well-being.

Today I want to talk about the most common of the two by far, the first group who wants to lose some weight but not a significant amount. What’s great about being in this group is that, by adjusting your lifestyle to focus on eating reasonable portions of healthy food and staying as active as possible, slowly but surely you’ll almost definitely drop those extra pounds. You don’t need to follow a fad diet, you don’t need any gimmicky exercise equipment, you just need an attention to creating a good balance. If you feel like you need some additional guidance, there are tons of great free apps out there that can help you in this department.

The place where many people seem to need the most help is with that last little bit of fat that just won’t go away—when they hit the dreaded plateau. You get so close to your goal weight but still you have these little pockets of stubborn fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise. We’re talking about love handles, paunches, spare tires, bra rolls, and any other unwanted bulges. When you’ve worked hard and done everything right, these persistent fat cells that interfere with your new look can be so discouraging. They’re frustrating, and they can make you feel like giving up on the healthy changes you’ve made.

Here’s the good news: we can get rid of that fat, and we can do it without surgery and without downtime. CoolSculpting is our favourite new non-surgical body contouring treatment. It’s an amazing technology that targets and freezes fat cells and allows your body to naturally eliminate them in the weeks and months that follow. The procedure itself is safe, cool, and effective. The device applies controlled cooling to the desired area of fat reduction while you lie back and relax. Many patients are so comfortable they enjoy reading, checking email, or even taking a nap. And as GQ magazine recently reported, men are really loving what this treatment can do for them too.

Some patients start to see results as little as three weeks after treatment, though the most dramatic results tend to be apparent after about two months. If you maintain your healthy lifestyle, your newly sculpted results are essentially permanent. Wouldn’t it be great to achieve your New Year’s resolution and never have to worry about it again?


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