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Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening

As part of the normal aging process, or due to the physical stresses of pregnancy and delivery, a woman’s vaginal tissue can weaken and stretch. In some women, this weakening can result in vaginal laxity that diminishes physical sensation in intercourse and/or leads to urinary incontinence. Viveve Solution was designed specifically to address these concerns, and to help the millions of women who live with the side effects of vaginal laxity.

What Is the Viveve Solution?

The Viveve Solution works deep at the cellular level to rebuild and restore collagen within the vaginal tissue – without surgery and without damaging the skin. The Viveve device is the only one of its kind to combine surface cooling and deep heating via radio frequency. This allows the treatment to penetrate deep into the vaginal tissue, making it a comfortable, single-session solution for vaginal laxity. We recommend one treatment, followed by yearly maintenance treatments.

How Is the Viveve Solution Performed?

The Viveve Solution uses a patented, monopolar radio frequency technology for renewing the tissue just inside the vaginal opening. Cryogen cooling is delivered to the skin at the same time as the RF energy, ensuring you are entirely comfortable throughout the entirety of this 30 minute treatment. The energy is delivered deep into the vagina’s supportive tissue and many women report an improvement immediately after the treatment. The best results will occur 90 days post treatment and include feelings of improved sexual satisfaction and urinary incontinence

Who Are the Best Candidates for Viveve Solution?

Anyone who feels they have lost laxity in this most intimate area of their body, and who is not currently pregnant or breastfeeding, is a great candidate for the Viveve Solution. We are unable to perform the Viveve Solution on anyone with a pacemaker, an open vaginal sore or STD, or someone with a prolapse of their uterus past the hymenal ring. If you are unsure whether you are a candidate for this treatment, we invite you to come for a complimentary consultation to discuss your options further.

Preparing for the Viveve Solution

No special preparations are required for the Viveve Solution. While it is completely safe to have the treatment during your menstrual cycle, we recommend waiting until your cycle is over before scheduling your procedure.

Recovery Following the Viveve Solution

There is no downtime after the Viveve Solution aside from abstaining from sexual intercourse for 48 hours post-treatment. Many women decide to come in on their lunch hour, and return to work or other duties immediately after.

How Much Does the Viveve Solution Cost?

The Viveve Solution is $3900. Only one treatment is required. We may recommend a yearly maintenance treatment, however whether this is recommended or not will be discussed in a complimentary consultation with your treatment provider. Financing options are available for all of our non-surgical procedures.

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