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Redensity II

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Redensity II Under Eye Filler

Sometimes called “the tear trough” treatment or the “under eye circle fighter”, Redensity II is an under eye filler that works to improve the look of dark circles under the eye. Many people with genetically inherited dark circles have tried countless creams and eye masks, only to discover that absolutely nothing works.

In the right candidate, Redensity II can improve this condition. It’s also a great treatment for someone looking to restore youthfulness to the under eye area, as it smooths out lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates the look of the skin.

What Is the Redensity II Under Eye Filler Treatment?

Redensity II is a non-cross linked injectable filler, and it’s specifically designed for the eye area. It lasts about 12 months and contains 14 essential nutrients that are already naturally present in the skin.

Most people who perceive dark circles have a natural hollowness under their eyes. Because the area above the depression is raised, a shadow is cast, making the hollowed area appear very dark. We inject Redensity II right into that hollowed area. Once it’s filled, the dark circles can be dramatically improved.

How Is Redensity II Under Eye Filler Treatment Performed?

This under eye circle fighter treatment should only be performed by a licensed nurse injector, or an aesthetic surgeon/dermatologist. The treatment takes about 15-30 minutes. Some patients book this treatment on their lunch break because it is so straight forward.

The Best Candidates for Redensity II Under Eye Filler

The best candidates for the Redensity II under eye treatment are those with a natural depression under the eyes. This hollowness may be very pronounced or it might be subtle. Your provider will be able to determine whether Redensity II can solve your dark circles. Both men and women are candidates for this treatment. Under eye hollowness may be caused by the natural process of aging, or it may be genetic.

Preparing for Redensity II Under Eye Filler

Prior to receiving any injectable treatment your provider may ask you to refrain from consuming alcohol or taking any medication that might thin your blood for a few days before and after treatment to avoid bruising.

Recovering Following Redensity II Under Eye Filler

There is typically no downtime following this treatment. Some individuals perceive a small bruise that is easily covered by makeup. You can go back to your normal activities immediately following treatment.

Redensity II Under Eye Filler Before & After Photos

Redensity II Under Eye Filler

How Much Does Redensity II Under Eye Filler Cost?

One syringe of Redensity II costs $600 and will last on average between 6 to 18 months. Some individuals find it lasts up to two years.

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