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What is the Thread Lift Nose Job?

One of the many benefits of receiving treatment at a cutting-edge plastic surgery practice is the breadth of modalities we are able to provide our patients. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, we embrace a wide range of surgical and non-surgical techniques for treating an array of conditions. This means our patients get the absolute best care tailored to their unique concerns. We recognize that surgery is not our only option, and we are constantly evaluating the latest cosmetic innovations.

One such innovation, championed at our clinic by Dr. Chbat, one of the co-medical directors of our non-surgical practice, is the thread lift nose job. While surgical rhinoplasty remains the gold standard in correcting most concerns, many patients do not feel ready for surgery or wish to avoid the downtime associated with an operation. And in situations where only a minor correction is required, a non-surgical approach may be optimal.

What is a thread lift nose job?

A thread lift nose job is a non-surgical technique that works to lift and straighten the nose using threads. We exclusively use InstaLift threads which is the only thread option approved by Health Canada. This technique cannot address real structural concerns, however, it can re-position and re-shape tissue, resulting in a straighter or more lifted look to the nose. In some cases, we may opt to combine a thread lift nose job with a liquid rhinoplasty.

This approach works very well in patients who require some tissue re-positioning (for example, lifting of the tip or heightening of the top) but also require some volume, whether that be in the bridge of the nose or strategically placed to even out a bump or depression. The threads dissolve slowly over time, and you can expect your results to last around 1.5 years, at which point a maintenance treatment may be recommended.

What is the thread lift nose job procedure like?

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Chbat will provide a light local anesthetic to the treatment area to ensure you are completely comfortable and feel no discomfort during your procedure. Once numb, a series of threads will be placed strategically into the nose to straighten and/or lift the tissue. How many threads you require will be determined in your complimentary consultation.

The treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Once the anaesthetic wears off you may notice some tenderness in the treatment area, this may last a few days and can be treated with Tylenol. Some swelling and bruising is normal for up to two weeks post-treatment.

Who is the thread lift nose job for?

Anyone who is looking to give the nose a more lifted look or to help straighten a crooked nose may be a good candidate for this treatment. Only surgical rhinoplasty can make structural changes to the nose. A thread lift nose job cannot smooth out large bumps, improve difficulty breathing, make the nose smaller, or significantly refine the tip. It is important to have a detailed conversation with your provider and have a realistic understanding of the outcomes of this procedure.

The pictures below showcase the results our doctors have been able to achieve with this treatment.

Figure 1

In figure 1, you will see that the curved appearance of our patient’s nose is greatly improved, and the tip is lifted. This gives the appearance of a straighter, more contoured look.

Figure 2

In figure 2, the patient’s nose has been straightened and the tip elevated.

Does a thread lift nose job hurt?

This procedure is often referred to as “the lunchtime nose job” because of how simple and straightforward it is. Most patients report little to no pain during and the procedure. If you do experience tenderness once the local anesthetic wears off, it typically lasts for only a few days and can be treated with Tylenol.

How long does it last?

While the threads dissolve within a couple of months your body naturally produces collagen in the treatment area. As a result, a thread lift nose job lasts around 18 months. After 1.5 years your doctor may recommend a maintenance treatment.

Nose Thread Lift vs. Liquid Rhinoplasty

Whether you are better suited to a liquid rhinoplasty or a thread lift nose job will be determined in a complimentary consultation with your provider. Everyone’s anatomy and preferences are different, and this is why a comprehensive consultation where you are made aware of all the risks, benefits and potential outcomes of each procedure is so important.

In some cases, we recommend combining both a liquid rhinoplasty and a thread lift for the nose. These two treatments can be done in the same appointment. We find this approach very beneficial in patients who want to add volume in the bridge of the nose or fill out a depression with filler while lifting the tip or straightening the length of the nose.

What are the risks of a thread lift nose job?

All procedures carry risks as well as benefits. The risks of this procedure will be reviewed with you at your consultation and may include scarring, infection, thread protrusion and migration, necrosis of the tissue as well as other risks.

How much does a thread lift cost?

This procedure starts at $1,500 but a firm quote will be provided to you during your free consultation.

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