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Keloid Removal with Plastic Surgery

Keloid Removal

By Dr. Ryan Austin, MD., FRCSC., The Plastic Surgery Clinic

It is sometimes surprising to patients that plastic surgeons can improve the look of existing scars. If you are prone to keloid scarring, doesn’t more cutting lead to more keloid scarring? That’s not necessarily the case when it comes to keloid removal.

There are a number of different things we can do to make sure that keloid removal achieves the goals of our patients. Plastic surgeons are specially trained to improve the look of keloids by keeping our incisions within the scar tissue and avoiding new injuries or trauma to the surrounding skin. We may also use steroid or botox injections to help minimize the chance of a keloid scar returning.

What Are Keloids?

Keloids are the result of a type of malfunction in the scarring process. As a result of a cut, burn, or some other skin trauma, the body produces collagen to help heal the wound. For some individuals, this process goes into overdrive, and the body creates an excessive amount of new tissue that becomes thick and raised.

Many patients are interested in keloid removal because of this unwanted texture and appearance, but there can be other factors that affect day to day life. A lot of people who have them find that keloids can also be uncomfortably itchy, and may sometimes sting—they can prove to be painful and annoying in the longterm.

How Can You Prevent Keloids?

In the best case scenario, keloid removal would be unnecessary if we were able to prevent them from forming in the first place. Unfortunately, some keloids cannot be prevented as there is a genetic component at work. Plastic surgeons use precise surgical technique to promote healthy scar formation: we minimize tension on the incision and plan the incision site so that there is minimal muscle pull on the edges of the skin.

Whether we are revising an existing keloid scar or preventing one, we always encourage the use of a silicone based scar fade product or sheet, compression, and a special massage technique to promote proper healing.

Who is a Good Candidate for Keloid Removal?

It really depends on the person and the keloid that you’re looking to treat. We need to see the scar in person to determine the best plan. If you are a candidate, the procedure is thankfully straightforward and without much fuss. You can always learn more in a complimentary consultation with us at the Plastic Surgery Clinic.

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